Richard Leahy Interviewed for Television on “The Bookman’s Corner” by Lois Lindstrom

Apr 17

On April 16th, Arlington Independent Media (Channel 69) aired this week’s edition of “The Bookman’s Corner”, with current host Lois Lindstrom, interviewing this author, Richard Leahy, about his new book on Virginia wine, Beyond Jefferson’s Vines.

Lindstrom, who co-hosted a cable TV show, “Metropolitan Magazine” on Channel 10, a public affairs program reaching viewers in Fairfax County, Virginia, in the early 1990’s.  She wrote a book titled: “Memoirs of a Swedish Nurse: A Life of Adventure, A Journey to Spirituality” and she is currently a freelance writer in Virginia.

To see the interview live on Channel 69’s website, click on



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