Governor and First Lady McDonnell Unveil ‘1813’ Commemorative Bicentennial-Themed Wi

Jun 28

(an abridged version of a press release from the Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office) RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell and First Lady Maureen McDonnell today unveiled ‘1813,’ Virginia’s historic bicentennial-themed blended red wine, at a reception at the Executive Mansion with members of the Virginia wine industry and others involved in promoting the 200th anniversary of the Executive Mansion. In addition to celebrating Virginia’s growing wine industry, the event commemorated the bicentennial of the country’s oldest continually occupied governor’s residence in the United States and paid tribute to Acte 12 of 1619, one of the nation’s earliest laws, which required settlers to plant and tend at least ten grapevines.  The wine, of which 1,813 bottles were produced but will not be sold, will be utilized by the Virginia Wine Board Marketing Office to market and promote further the Virginia wine and wine tourism industries on statewide, national, and international fronts.

The genesis of ‘1813’ began in early 2011 when Mrs. McDonnell planted ten Chambourcin vines in the Executive Mansion garden as a way to promote the wine industry and its long history in Virginia, and to celebrate the upcoming 200th anniversary of the Executive Mansion in 2013.

According to Paschina, who led the winemaking process with his industry colleagues, the composition of ‘1813’ is of the following wine and grapes, along with vintage year and supplying Virginia Wine Board member winery or vineyard:

Merlot 2010                Breaux Vineyards

Merlot 2010                Chatham Vineyards

Octagon 2010             Barboursville Vineyards

Merlot 2011                King Family Vineyards

Nebbiolo 2011            Barboursville Vineyards

Chambourcin 2012      James River Cellars Winery

Chambourcin 2012      Executive Mansion Vineyard

Petit Verdot 2012       Silver Creek & Seaman’s Orchards

Petit Verdot 2012       The Vineyard at Point Breeze

Petit Verdot 2012       Veritas Vineyard & Winery

Viognier 2012             Barboursville Vineyards

Sales of Virginia wine reached an all-time high in fiscal year 2012, increasing by just over 1.6% from fiscal year 2011.  Virginia wineries sold almost 485,000 cases of wine in FY12 versus a little more than 477,000, the previous record high, in FY11.  Sales of Virginia wines have averaged just over 8 percent growth per year over the last three fiscal years.  In addition, sales outside of Virginia, domestic and international, increased by 39% from FY11 to FY12.  Export sales of Virginia wines grew by more than 300%, increasing from about 700 cases in FY11 to more than 3,300 in FY12.  A significant portion of these international sales were driven by new sales to China and the United Kingdom, two areas where the McDonnell administration has focused its global marketing and export growth strategic plans.

For more information on the Executive Mansion, please visit Executive Mansion website:  For more information on the Virginia wine industry, please visit the Virginia Wine Marketing Office website:


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