Dave McIntyre Awarded 2014 Monteith Trophy

Jul 25

Dave McIntyre, Washington Post wine columnist and co-founder of DrinkLocalWine (disclosure: I am also a Board member and Dave wrote the foreword to my book Beyond Jefferson’s Vines) was awarded the 2014 Monteith Trophy this week by the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association. The award is presented “to individuals or organizations that have performed exceptional contributions to the development and sustainability of the American wine industry…”

Gordon Murchie, president emeritus of the ASWA, presented McIntyre with the trophy, citing his frequent writings supporting local and regional wines as well as co-founding the non-profit advocacy organization Drink Local Wine.

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ASWA President Carl Brandhorst (left) and President Emeritus Gordon Murchie (right) present the Monteith Trophy to Dave McIntyre – photo by Michael Birchenall

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