Beyond Jefferson’s Vines is the complete story of wine in Virginia, from the Jamestown Settlement, to Thomas Jefferson and his vineyard at Monticello, to the thriving world-class wine industry of today. It focuses on the last decade and explains how vintners today have achieved the success Jefferson only dreamed of.

Richard Leahy’s complete, indispensable book is a new, expanded second edition, and blends history with travelogue and basic viticulture, along with personal interviews with key industry members, to help you gain a full understanding of the subject. Youll have a new appreciation for the quality Virginia wine has achieved today, and the risk these dedicated people take in their dogged pursuit to realize Jeffersons dream of a fine wine industry in Virginia.

Saturday December 7th, 3:00:-5:00, Ankida Ridge Vineyards

Richard will sign/personalize copies of Beyond Jefferson’s Vines at Ankida Ridge Vineyards 12 miles northwest of Amherst via Rt. 60. 

“Beyond Jefferson’s Vines is the most comprehensive chronicle of Virginia’s emergence as one of the most exciting American wine regions. Leahy’s unique insights gained from nearly three decades covering the local wine industry and living in the heart of Virginia’s wine country provide the foundation for this expanded and revised edition.

Thoughtfully researched and well-written, Beyond Jefferson’s Vines is equal parts historical account, travelogue, and guide to the people, wineries and wines responsible for the Commonwealth’s rise in wine prominence.

This second edition provides important updates to include coverage of the pioneers behind Virginias hard cider revival, growing craft beer and spirits movement, the increasing role of social media, and some of the growing pains the industry has experienced. With expanded coverage of notable vintages, varieties, new wineries, and the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the industry, Beyond Jefferson’s Vines second edition is an indispensable reference for savvy Virginia wine enthusiasts and field guide for those planning to visit the Commonwealths wine country.”

Frank Morgan, Author,

Nobody has a better grip on the historic and modern Virginia wine industry than Richard Leahy, who brings a lifetime of studying and tasting wine and living in the heart of Virginia wine country to this project. Sandra Silfven

The Detroit News

Richard Leahy masterfully captures the past, present and future of a wine region that has grown dramatically in recent years. Pour yourself a glass of a favorite Virginia wine and follow Leahy as he tastes his way through Virginia wine country. Wine aficionados at all levels who want to know more about this emerging wine region will find Beyond Jefferson’s Vines to be indispensable. Warren Richard

Through direct personal experiences, Richard Leahy is one of the few people who can tell the story of the modern resurgence of the history-rich Virginia wine scene from circa 1970s to the flourishing and diverse industry it is today. Warren Richard

Richard Leahy has woven a rich tapestry of Virginia’s wineries and winemakers. If Jefferson could peruse this book, a satisfied smile would surely grace his countenance because his dream of quality Virginia wine has been fulfilled. This volume will be referenced often for those seeking to better understand the Old Dominion’s wine ascendancy. A riveting and rewarding read. John Hagarty

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