Beyond Jefferson’s Vines, the definitive guide to Virginia wine from 1619 to the present, has been re-released in a revised and updated third edition (2020), with a foreword from renowned British wine critic Steven Spurrier.
Beyond Jefferson’s Vines is the complete story of wine in Virginia, from the Jamestown Settlement, to Thomas Jefferson and his vineyard at Monticello, to the thriving world-class wine industry of today. It focuses on the last two decades and explains how vintners today have achieved the success Jefferson only dreamed of.
Since the second edition was published in 2015, 100 new Virginia wineries have joined the industry. This third edition is a thorough revision, with personal tasting notes, more wineries, and notes on only those wineries who won silver or gold medals in recent Governor’s Cup competitions. Qualified wineries are found from the Tidewater to Bristol, and from the Potomac River to Southside, and is 309 pages long.
There are dozens of new wineries featured, and Leahy also includes in-depth personal tasting notes. Actual winery addresses are given instead of driving directions for easy GPS mapping. There’s also a new chapter on “A Glimpse From the Summit” featuring four of Virginia’s top wineries.
Beyond Jefferson’s Vines focuses on the last decade and explains how vintners today have achieved the success Jefferson only dreamed of. The narrative blends history with travelogue and basic viticulture, along with personal interviews with key industry members to help you gain a full understanding of the subject. You’ll have a new appreciation for the quality Virginia wine has achieved today, and the risk these dedicated people take in their dogged pursuit to realize Jefferson’s dream of a fine wine industry in Virginia.
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“As Virginia’s modern wine era enters its sixth decade, it’s story grows ever richer. Beyond Jefferson’s Vines is the definitive guide to that, and Richard Leahy is one of the state’s premier keepers of the flame.”

Nobody has a better grip on the historic and modern Virginia wine industry than Richard Leahy, who brings a lifetime of studying and tasting wine and living in the heart of Virginia wine country to this project.

Sandra Silfven

The Detroit News

“Richard Leahy’s third edition of Beyond Jefferson’s Vines brings Virginia wine lovers up to date on the always evolving Virginia wine industry. This latest addition includes a travelogue, Richard’s own tasting notes of a few of his favorite Virginia wines, and addresses to each winery to facilitate the current use of GPS apps.  Of course, the third edition of this must-read resource continues to capture the past, present and future of a wine region that has grown dramatically since its previous editions were published. Wine aficionados at all levels who want to know more about this emerging wine region will find this third edition of Richard Leahy’s Beyond Jefferson’s Vines to be indispensable.”

Warren Richard

“In its third edition, Beyond Jefferson’s Vines remains the most comprehensive chronicle of Virginia’s emergence as one of the most exciting American wine regions. Leahy’s unique insights gained from three decades covering the local wine industry and living in the heart of Virginia’s wine country provide the foundation for this expanded third edition. Thoughtfully researched and well-written, Beyond Jefferson’s Vines is equal parts historical account, travelogue and guide to the people, wineries and wines responsible for the Commonwealth’s rise in wine prominence.”

Frank Morgan

“Richard Leahy has once again gifted Virginia wine lovers with an informative and highly readable tour of the Old Dominion’s wine industry. His third edition provides fresh perspective in guiding enophiles to the best wineries and winemakers. With over three decades of observing the culture, Richard’s knowledgeable and cogent descriptions of wines, wine styles, and trends are spot-on. The book is a delight to read and acts as a personal tour guide for exploring the best the state has to offer. Don’t leave home without it.”

John Hagarty

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