Dry, Skillfully Made Dark Fruit Wines from Hermit Woods

Hermit Woods Winery in New Hampshire is one of the cutting edge wineries of the East. They make no grape-based wines at all, but offer a cornucopia of original and thoughtfully blended wines from local fruits and honey.

With cool wet weather this week I enjoyed two of their dark fruit-based wines. They were fresh, fruity but dry and zesty and a fun, original departure from regular grape-based wines. See my tasting notes from April 2nd for their Hermitage and Red Scare Oak wines also.

Upper Shirley Vineyards To Host A Richmond Garden Week Tour April 27th in Charles City

One of the newest Virginia wineries, Upper Shirley Vineyards, will host a Richmond Garden Week tour on Wednesday, April 27th, 20 miles southeast of Richmond in Charles City County. The Garden Week event at Shirley Vineyards will feature a seated lunch, with this writer speaking on his book Beyond Jefferson’s Vines and the state of Virginia wine today