Stone Tower Winery and Willowcroft Vineyards: Loudoun Wine Country Contrast and Three “Wines of the Week”

On a nasty, rainy Saturday (5/21) I met Lindsey Parris, a fellow judge in the Virginia Wine Governor’s Cup contest (and student in the Master of Wine program) to check out a couple of wineries we thought might be off the beaten path. Given the weather and the month of May, I thought a lot of Northern Virginia outdoorsy professionals would probably opt to find a cozy winery and get—well, even more cozy with some wine, and who could blame them? I wanted to find as few of them as possible.

Dry, Skillfully Made Dark Fruit Wines from Hermit Woods

Hermit Woods Winery in New Hampshire is one of the cutting edge wineries of the East. They make no grape-based wines at all, but offer a cornucopia of original and thoughtfully blended wines from local fruits and honey.

With cool wet weather this week I enjoyed two of their dark fruit-based wines. They were fresh, fruity but dry and zesty and a fun, original departure from regular grape-based wines. See my tasting notes from April 2nd for their Hermitage and Red Scare Oak wines also.