On Saturday Nov. 21, five days before Thanksgiving, author Richard Leahy will sign copies of his current, third edition of Beyond Jefferson’s Vines, the complete guide to Virginia wine in the first 400 years, at Muse Vineyards just east of Woodstock, from 2-4 pm.

The 2020 edition is completely current and includes many new wineries not in the previous editions; 100 new wineries have opened in Virginia since the previous second edition in 2015.

Muse Vineyards focuses on making high-quality dry vinifera wines following Old World models, but using Virginia terroir and New World technical knowledge and freedom of choice in varietals and blends. Tim Rausse is winemaker.

On this day, Muse Vineyards is showcasing four wines for Thanksgiving: Clio 2017 (an equal 25% blend of the four major red Bordeaux varieties), Thalia 2019 (a white Rhone Roussanne/Marsanne blend), Pichot 2019 (a young, fresh Cabernet Franc), and Petit Verdot 2017, a complex yet plush red Bordeaux varietal from the fine 2017 vintage.

This “Thanksgiving Quartet” is available as a group with a $10 savings, for $99.00 while supplies last.