The Board of Directors of the Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association is pleased to announce the 2022 recipients of its Monteith Wine Bowl Trophy. The award is presented annually for excellence in increasing the quality of wine produced on the East Coast and throughout the nation.

The Atlantic Seaboard Wine Association is proud to announce Sharon Horton, of Horton Vineyards, as this year’s recipient of the 2022 Monteith Bowl Trophy. This trophy is awarded to individuals or organizations that performed exceptional contributions to the development and sustainability of the American wine industry.

In 1990 when only approximately 100 registered acres of Viognier existed in the world, the Hortons planted an additional ten, individually increasing the total amount by roughly 10 percent. Sharon provided budwood from cuttings of those vines to vineyards and nurseries to help extend and spread the variety’s chance for sustainability.

Horton Vineyards has been widely recognized for planting a vast number of different varieties, and Sharon is very often sought out for viticultural guidance on those varieties. She has provided free consultations to vineyards in Georgia and the Carolinas and shared experiences with staff at Virginia Tech.

When Horton Vineyards was presented the 2019 Governor’s Cup, Sharon Horton took the stage along with family and staff to include a number of vineyard workers, a tribute that great wine starts in the vineyards. For her contributions to the development and sustainability of the American wine industry, the 2022 Monteith Bowl Trophy is hereby presented to Sharon Horton.