2010_ClioMuse Vineyards, which burst on the Virginia wine scene by winning the Governor’s Cup last year with their 2009 “Clio” meritage before it opened to the public, has now opened its winery tasting room to the public. They  are now open FridaySunday, noon to 6 pm (Except Christmas Day).

Muse Vineyards, founded in 2005 in the Shenandoah Valley produces estate wines with all grapes grown on site from  quality French certified clones. Says Sally Cowal, co-owner, “We are producing a bordeaux-style blend of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, merlot and petit verdot as well as single varietals. We also have chardonnay and red and white Rhone style wines such as viognier, marsanne, roussanne, grenache and syrah.”

In addition to the excellent Clio blend (25% of each of the red Bordeaux varieties except malbec), Muse has a promising talent with both white and red Rhone varieties and makes a very elegant chardonnay, and the only varietal grenache in Virginia.

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The vineyard site has been continuously farmed since 1792 and the historic house dates from the same year.

Woodstock’s address is 16 Serendipity Lane Woodstock; website is http://www.musevineyards.com